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Both the front desk and the entire hotel are a display of stainless steel and glass that perfectly blend in with the glass wall embracing the building. The large windows allow the outside view to "penetrate" the insides of the hotel.

The futuristic design is completed by the exotic plants glass house inside the reception desk. This can be truly admired from inside the panoramic lift case starting from amongst the plants.Gradually, once moving up to the higher floors, one can admire the Mamaia resort, in all its greatness.

The access to the fourth floor is done by an extremely spectacular stair case. Solid glass steps were mounted on a stainless steel bracket. The contrast between the solid white touches, the cold of the glass and steel steps and the warmth of the plants has a strange appeal and is the high point of the entire facility. In the evening, the hotel is flooded with an angelic light so that, from a distance it appears as a vision of color.

For our clients' safety we fitted the rooms with heat and smoke detectors and the hallways with surveillance systems to protect against crime.

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