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Today, one can see an ascending trend, the desire to look better, to feel better and live longer. One way to achieve those goals is to take up fitness and gymnastic exercises.

The need to exercise and the need to burn calories through sports are met in the fitness center, where the latest in bodybuilding machines await you.

And how about some sauna? It only lasts for 15 minutes (or longer, if you wish a lower temperature) and it offers countless advantages. The sauna is a relaxation method that can be tried out by anyone, with visible positive results on that person's state of mind. The second most important effect is removing the toxins and strengthening the immune system.

Sauna users reported a better response against every day problems such as colds, muscle cramps and acne.

Briefly put, during a sauna session the metabolism and pulse increase, the blood vessels become more flexible and the peripheral circulation improves. You'll feel much more energetic after just one session.

The Laguna hotel offers two types of sauna:
Dry sauna, with a low humidity percentage - 5-10 and the room temperature can raise up to 90ēC
Wet sauna, practiced at temperatures up to 75-80ēC, with a humidity percentage of 15-30. Water can be poured into a special humidifier (or directly on rocks) until a perfect balance is achieved.


Usually, when we think about a massage, we take it as a difficult and painful action, with no obvious advantages. In reality, the massage is very useful for muscle relaxation and body refreshment. This is why we should give it the credit it deserves and include it in "our beauty program".

The benefits of the massage :

ˇ A physical and mental state of wellness
ˇ Lower physical and mental stress levels
ˇ Lower muscle tension
ˇ Curing head aches and migraines
ˇ A nicer, more elastic skin
ˇ Removing dead skin cells away from your body
ˇ For those fighting against cellulite: you must know massage is a strong ally in the war against cellulite
ˇ Helps to eliminate toxins
ˇ Lowers blood pressure
ˇ Better joint flexibility
ˇ Raises endorphin levels
ˇ Lowers anxiety levels
ˇ Efficiently combats depression
ˇ Improves focus abilities
ˇ Combats mental and physical fatigue
ˇ Lowers stress levels
ˇ Helps against sleep disorders
ˇ Is suitable for everyone, at any given age
ˇ Plays a major part against asthma symptoms

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